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Litigation, be it criminal or civil, is never easy... it becomes a life-changing ordeal for most people. You don't have to do this alone. The Bandstra Law Firm of Des Moines, IA can help.

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There is no alternative for experience. We've proudly been serving Central Iowa's legal needs for over 23 years.

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To:  Those Deserving Justice,

I have NO doubt in my mind that Scott Bandstra and Katie O'Connor are the best legal representation an individual seeking justice and fairness in life may find following a long and painful journey.  I am willing to accept that there are many mysteries in life and many outcomes are not favorable or fair.  Our culture expects us to accept this phenomenon within a certain tolerance level.  Unfortunately, countless examples of tragedy reminds our society that there comes a place in time where enough is enough.  An individual or even a formidable family can no longer fight the good fight anymore.  Once you recognize that the line has been crossed beyond the point of return (the earlier the better) you call the Bandstra Law Firm!  Speaking of my own experience, I was completely defeated and my circumstances were impossible to comprehend.  Fortunately for me I confided in a person I trusted wholeheartedly and informed him of my situation.  Having compassion for me and my best interests in mind, the well-respected community elder did not hesitate for a second when he said to me "you need to call Scott Bandstra, you cannot leave this to an amateur."  Not knowing what to expect, I did just that and was amazed by the sense of hope and courage that I had not felt in over 2 years in a matter of moments.  I remember quite well how blunt I was with him when I said, "Mr. Bandstra, I need an ass kicker" and he said, "I'm your man."  Mr. Bandstra with the assistance of Katie O'Connor and the compassionate approach of his wife, took me in as if I were a part of their family.  He was completely honest with me every step of the way and encouraged me to "do the next right thing."  A "devil for the details", Scott Bandstra unraveled the extremely complicated mess and ugly label that had come to define me and control me.  When I look back someday on this life changing event, my goal is to say that I continued to do the next right thing just as he suggested.  His remarkable navigational skills through the legal system and understanding of the Latin language are unmatched.  I am a humble person who speaks the truth and if anyone were to ever request a referral for an attorney from me, I would simply say, "Go with Scott Bandstra, you sure as hell don't want to go against him."

"Scott Bandstra represented our family for several years through a very long legal battle. He began in 2011 helping with the protection of my children from their biological mother who was an active drug user. Then with my divorce being final in 2012, Scott was very engaged and always made it undeniable that my kids and I were treated fairly. His legal advice was always spot on, and his knowledge of the laws and regulations required in the state of Iowa, allowed our case to be handled in a professional and proactive way. Scott represented me during the Termination of Parental Rights against my children's biological mother in May of 2016. Scott also represented my wife and I in the adoption process for my children in November of 2016.


We have had positive experiences and wonderful outcomes in the past five years, and if ever needed we will choose his services again. Scott was personable, proactive, and allowed our family peace of mind because of his exceptional representation. There were certainly no doubts from his thorough counsel, or from the steady progression we seen throughout each legal matter. We continue to tell our friends and family of his outstanding legal representation, and we highly recommend his aptitudes."



I was facing prison for a crime I did not commit. Scott and his staff were always kind to me and made me feel like my case was important to them. Scott spent a lot of time with me giving me the legal information I needed to make informed decisions about how I wanted to proceed with my case. Because I was innocent, I did not want to plead a guilty as the prosecutors wanted. Scott prepared me to go to trial. He and his staff were there for my family and me throughout the trial. The best part was we did get a not guilty verdict and I have been able to go on with my life spending time with my family, working and going to school.


- West Des Moines Client